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Post-Soviet Decay, 2019

Digital collages

A caricature image of the common post-soviet courtyard, with its inhabitants, colorless houses, and dirt - a perfect place for illegal businesses to grow, indifference, laziness, and apathy.
While living in such an environment, one is putting itself in a situation of constant waiting for not promised changes, like in a queue. The result of it is a waste of time and a general mild feeling of inability to act. An everyday struggle becomes usual, which leads to isolation from negative factors and shutting eyes to problems. The surrealism of life becomes reality.

"New Year’s Eve"
Ironic representation of the new year celebration in the soviet family circle. The scene speaks about feelings one gets living in a homeland facing an everyday reality and dealing with it. The characters and a scene are exaggerated until the acquisition of a shade of grotesque. The cliché situation is being experienced, again and again, same actions and emotions over and over.

"Communal Apartment"
A product of a bygone epoch: mess and chaos all around, leads to chaos in the head. Hyperprotection of own property, so others would not get it - constant awareness and stress, inability to have a personal space. Unreasonably suspect something in everyone around. Anger, isolation, and absence of trust. 

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