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Elizaveta Kapustina / EXRA ULTRA

Visual and Video artist.

b. 1998, St.Petersburg, Russia currently lives in Vienna, Austria

Elizaveta Kapustina is a visual and video artist. She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and currently lives in Vienna. Since 2016 she is studying in the Graphics and Printmaking class at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


2017 she started a photo project EXTRA ULTRA. The expression of the words "EXTRA ULTRA" describes a certain visual manner - exaggerated, grotesque, and dramatic, theatrical, dark, and erotic. Through her digital collages and video art, she is exploring the borders of self-expression and projecting her alter-ego on the modern artificial society


"The Essence’17" - Annual exhibition of University of Applied Arts Vienna, Alte Post, Vienna.

"Melange REMIX" - Group exhibition of department for Graphics and Printmaking, Galerie Hochdruck, Vienna.


"Jeder Jäger würde gerne wissen, wo der Fasan sitzt" - Group exhibition, Galerie Stiegenkeller, Vienna.

"TOMORROW IS CANCELLED" - Group exhibition currated by «Curators Agenda», Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna.

"EXTRA.ULTRA" - Solo exhibition currated by «Junge Kunst», Improper Walls, Vienna.

"The Essence’18" - Annual exhibition of University of Applied Arts Vienna, Vordere Zollamtsstrasse 3, Vienna.

"Any Printmaker Out There?" - Group exhibition, Galerie KaeshMaesh, Vienna.


"MACTN" - Group exhibition, Galerie AA Collections, Vienna.

"Circle" - Group exhibition, Galerie.Z, Hard, Vorarlberg, Austria.

"Essence 2019"- Group exhibition in frames of Angewandte Festival 2019, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.



"noise/silence" - Group exhibition, Villa Schapira, Vienna.

"2 m(inutes) distance" – Festival SOHO in Ottakring – SOHOnline, online group exhibition, Vienna.

"Angewandte Festival 2020 – alternate.mode" – Online exhibition, University of Applied Art Vienna.

"Fleshlight" – Group exhibition, gallery Die Schöne, Vienna.

"Die Sichtbare Wahrheit" – Group exhibition, gallery Hilger Next, Vienna.


"Angewandte Festival 2021" - Group exhibition, University of Applied Arts Vienna.

"Loneliness II" - „Videocity“, eBoard Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, Basel, Switzerland.


"Another Lucid Nightmare" - Solo exhibition, Oskar-Kokoshka Platz 2, Vienna.

Selected Exhibitions:

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