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Isolation From Self, 2020

Digital collages

Self-isolation allowed the world to experience previously impossible emotions. Universal loneliness, injustice, negation, and cornering. Never before have so many people experience loneliness at the same time. The government kindly insisted on staying in a comfortable home prison. To be a prisoner voluntarily. 

Since locking yourself with yourself in a room, comes a philosophical part of the journey — thinking about yourself and your place in life. Endless reflecting, finding a new person inside. 

After having only yourself and a computer as conversation partners, the world around slowly starting to feel differently, flat and virtual. Is this chair real? What will happen if I look out of a window? What will I see? A real-world or simulation? Life before all of that happened to seem so far away from what is happening now. Abnormality becoming new normality, rules being rewritten, the online world becomes a whole with an offline. 

Suddenly nothing around matters loses its meaning. Everything is digitalized even human emotions. The world around is not going to see a human-human interaction, the computer is always unconsciously present. 

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